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Custom Molded Orthotics

Custom molded orthotics are specially made shoe inserts that aim to treat foot pain, restore proper alignment, and prevent future foot injuries. Modifications to the insert can be made to help patients acheive their best performance. Our podiatrist will evaluate your foot to ensure that you get the exact orthotic for your needs.

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a innovative procedure used to treat many conditions of the foot and ankle. This treatment is non-invasive which means that there is no needles, incisions, or downtime. Shockwave therapy can be used for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, neuromas, and more.

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Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Classically, bunion surgery has been known to be quite invasive requiring large incisions and long recovery times. Dr. Tran is one of the first and few surgeons in Dallas offering minimally invasive bunion surgeries. Minimally invasive bunion surgeries can minimize the size of incisions and decrease the post-operative recovery times.

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Leneva® Allograft Adipose Matrix

Fat pad loss can cause pain in the ball and heel of the foot. Leneva® is a revolutionary treatment that restores the fat pad of the foot reversing years of loss. Patients experience increased "plumpness" of the foot and less pain.

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Meet Dr. Nam Tran

Dr. Nam Tran is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon with a deep passion for his patients. He earned his doctorate at The New York College of Podiatric Medicine before training at the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., one of the country’s most prestigious foot and ankle surgical residencies. Over the years, Dr. Tran has developed a knowledge and passion for the field of regenerative medicine and minimally invasive foot and ankle procedures. Now, as a podiatrist in Dallas, he combines his extensive surgical knowledge with minimally invasive techniques to help patients get better faster without going under the knife.

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Insurance Info

At Dallas Direct Podiatry, we believe that in order to practice great medicine, the focus needs to be brought back to the doctor-patient relationship. For that reason, Dallas Direct Podiatry does not accept insurance. This allows us to offer exceptional care without the restrictions of insurance denials and authorizations. If you have out-of-network benefits, we partner with Reimbursify to help you submit your insurance claim.

Meet Dr. Tran
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Visit with Dr. Tran at medical offices located in the Dallas Metroplex.


Can't make it into the office? No problem! Telemedicine visits are available to access quality care no matter where you are.


Dr. Tran offers house calls bringing personalized care to the comfort of your own home. Save the time and let us come to you!

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We Can Come To You

Whether you were rock climbing or sprained your ankle on your morning run, we are here for you. Make a call to Dr. Tran and he will meet you off-site or at your home to make sure your injury gets treated correctly right from the start.

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Dr Tran is an outstanding doctor!

He is kind, compassionate and he spends the time to listen to your concerns and provide answers.I had to have surgery and he had me on my feet quickly with little pain and no complications! I would recommend Dr Tran for any foot issues you might have!

- E. Burk

Dr. Tran is amazing!

He worked wonders with my foot. Couldn’t run before treatment and now I can run! He listens to you and discusses all options. His office staff is amazing too! I highly recommend this doctor.

- Jennifer

Great experience!

The doctor did what two other doctors could not do. Foot pain and swelling for three months and after one visit he was able to diagnose / treat the condition and cure it.

- Jason

It's All About The Patient

In order to provide care that is patient focused, we do not take insurance. This allows us care for our patients without the hassle of co-pays, prior authorizations, insurance denials, or surprise medical bills. Patients get more time with the doctor and more peace of mind that they are getting the care that they need.

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