Onyfix Nail Straightening

Chronic ingrown toenails are often caused by excessively curved nails. Onyfix is a bracing system that is used to straighten toenails to treat ingrown toenails without surgery or painful procedures.

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"Dr. Tran is the third podiatrist I have gone to and is by far the best.  I have been blown away with how well he treats his patients.  He goes way beyond expectations.  The quality of care is outstanding and he sincerely cares for his patients.  I drive a long distance to go to Dr. Tran and feel like it is worth the effort."

- John
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Benefits of Onyfix Nail Straightening?

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Painless Application

With Onyfix there is no need for painful shots or surgery. Onyfix is applied to your nail right in the office.
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Perfect For Pediatric Patients

Keep your kiddos comfortable during treatment with the painless application.
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Quick and Easy

Applications of the Onyfix only take 10 minutes and you are right back on your feet.
Onyfix Nail Straightening

What To Expect

1. Initial Consultation

You will meet with our award-winning doctor to receive a comprehensive evaluation and discuss your treatment.

2. Onyfix Application

Onyfix can be performed on the same day of the consultation and typically takes 10 minutes per toenail.

3. Additional Applications

An Onyfix brace may last up to 3 months. Our doctor will monitor your nail grown and apply new or additional braces as necessary.

What are my expected results?

Onyfix is much like braces for your teeth. A brace is placed and adjusted overtime. This brace will straighten the nail over a period of several months.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Onyfix is not covered by insurance. You may use your FSA, HSA, or care credit card to cover the expense of the treatment.

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