Diabetes can affect the foot in multiple ways. It is always recommended that Diabetics regularly see a podiatrist on a regular basis to prevent complications. If you’re interested in addressing or preventing these issues, we at Dallas Direct Podiatry are here to help.

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More about Diabetes.

While diabetes is an issue that directly impacts a person’s blood sugar levels, these high levels of sugar may cause damage to circulation or nerves. Damage to these structures can lead to dangerous complications that are limb and life threatening.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you address your diabetes-related foot issues, reach out to us at Dallas Direct Podiatry to schedule a consultation and evaluation.

Symptoms Related To Diabetes

Foot complications due to diabetes may include:

• Cold feet

• Frequent cramping in the legs

• Numbness or tingling of the toes

• Dry and scaly skin

Treating the Condition

The main concern with the effect of diabetes is damage to the circulatory and nervous system. Damage to these symptoms prevents patients from knowing when they have injured their foot. In addition, damage to the circulatory system prevents proper wound healing.

Over time, these minor issues can progress and eventually cause serious issues like an infection. This can lead to amputation. Dr. Tran at Dallas Direct Podiatry aims to help patients with prevention. We will help you understand your condition, and will help you make lifestyle changes that decrease your risk for serious future problems.