Diabetic Foot Care

At Dallas Direct Podiatry, we help diabetics stay on their feet and avoid problems commonly seen with diabetes. Living with diabetes can be complicated. We are here to help.

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More about Diabetic Foot Care.

Diabetes puts a patient at high risk for foot complications. Increased glucose levels in the blood can lead to nerve damage and circulation issues, especially down in the lower parts of your legs, including your feet and ankles. These complications can result in non-healing wounds, infection, and even limb loss. For this reason, it’s always recommended that diabetics see a podiatrist on a regular basis.

Warning Signs For Diabetics

Diabetics should see a podiatrist if they are experiencing and of the following.

• Numbness or tingling of the feet

• Problems healing wounds

• Experience frequent cold feet

• Have a history of difficulty controlling their diabetes

The Risks

Diabetes can greatly increase a patient’s chances of incurring complications that could lead to amputation. Dallas Direct Podiatry is here to help you avoid these complications. Diabetics who see a podiatrist are able to reduce their risk of lower limb amputation up to 85 percent and lower the risk of hospitalization by 24 percent.

We Are Here For You

Whether you are a controlled diabetic or are already experiencing complications due to diabetes, we are here to take care of you. See our Dallas podiatrist to help avoid problems in the future.