Flat Feet

Flat feet can happen to anyone, young or old. Flat fleet can be painful and result in more serious problems. If you’re dealing with this issue, Dallas Direct Podiatry can present you with many treatment option to help you move on from flat feet.

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More about Flat Feet.

Flat feet, also referred to as Pes Planus, is a foot condition that results in the loss of your foot’s arch. This condition can be seen as early as birth, but can also show up later in life as a result of improper shoe gear or lack of support. Flat feet are not always painful, but if not treated, the condition can lead to pain, swelling, tendonitis, and even arthritis.

At Dallas Direct Podiatry, Dr. Tran is here to assess your flat feet and recommend the best option for you. To learn more about what we can do for you, set up your consultation today.

Symptoms of Flat Feet

Flat feet can be a pain. Some signs that you might have flat feet are:

• Pain in your inner arche

• Difficulty walking on bare feet

• Pain and swelling at the end of the day

• Visually fallen arches

Treating the Condition

Treatment for flat feet is best when implemented earlier in life, so do not hesitate in seeing a professional. Restoring the biomechanical alignment of the foot early on can reduce the chances of developing further deformity or pain. If you think you may have flat feet, reach out to us and set up your consultation.

Conservative treatment is usually implemented first. Flat feet can be treated well with custom orthotics to restore biomechanical alignment. Physical therapy can be another method by which we address your flat feet, as well. If these conservative approaches are not effective, surgical correction may be necessary.