Foot and Ankle Trauma

Life can bring unwanted surprises. Whether it be an ankle sprain, trip or fall, or another traumatic event, getting a professional on board is crucial to your recovery. At Dallas Direct Podiatry, we can see you soon after your injury to make sure it's properly taken care of.

dallas, tx podiatrist foot trauma

More about Foot and Ankle Traumas.

Trauma of the foot and ankle can be debilitating. The foot is essential to your ability to maintain your day-to-day quality of life. If foot or ankle trauma is keeping you from enjoying your life, reach out and we will make sure you get back to your life as fast as possible.

Types of Trauma

• Motor vehicle accidents

• Slip and falls

• Sport injuries

• Work place accidents

Treating the Condition

Here at Dallas Direct Podiatry, we take the time to closely examine and understand your problems, whether they’re relatively mild or have already gotten so severe that they’re affecting your activites daily life.