Fracture Care

Life hits hard. Sometimes too hard. Our doctor at Dallas Direct Podiatry is here with experience and care to help fix your broken bones and get you back on you feet.

broken foot with crutches

More about Fracture Care.

Severity of fractures can range from mild to severe. Some fracture can be so mild that they often go missed. Our podiatrist is trained to pick up even the smallest hairline fractures of the foot and ankle. Find and treating all fractures will ensure that they are taken care of appropriately to avoid future complications.

Signs of a fracture

You may be suffering from a fracture if you:
• Had an acute trauma

• Have sever swelling and bruising

• See a deformity after injury

• Pain that is not getting better with time

Treating The Condition

Treating foot and ankle fractures early on is important in avoiding long term complications. Treatment may include immobilzation using assitive devices.

Staying off your foot is not always necessary to treat a foot fracture. Our podiatrist is here to guide you in your treatment. In severe cases, some fracture require surgery to re-align and stabilize the fracture.