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Say Goodbye To Medical Bills!

There's nothing worse than a surprise medical bill. Our patients always know how much their care will cost beforehand and we promise NEVER send you a medical bill.

Evaluation fees are independent of procedure fees. Total cost of visit is evaluation fees plus procedure fees.

* Not all services are listed. Please call to inquire about any services not seen.
New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation: Up To 60 minutes
The visit include a thorough history, comprehensive exam, review of x-rays (if indicated), and diagnosis
Existing Patient, New Problem Evaluation: Up To 60 minutes
Comprehensive evaluation, review of imaging (if indicated), and diagnosis
House Call / Urgent Visit Convenience Fee
When available, after-hours, house calls, and urgent visits are available in the office or at the patient's location of choice. Price is for house calls within 5 mile radius of the office. Call for pricing for locations outside of 5 mile radius. Price is in addition to the evaluation fee
Standard Follow Up Evaluation: Up To 30 minutes
Available for all patients following up on a current treatment plan. The visit includes evaluation, and discussion of necessary treatment modifications.
Steroid Injection
Steroid injections can be used to treat acute or chronic symptoms of pain and inflammation. If indicated, this treatment will be offered as a stand alone or adjunctive treatment.
Plantar Wart Treatment
$150 for initial treatment; $100 for subsequent treatments, if needed.
Wart treatment may include cryotherapy or laser treatment. The price of treatment is for one foot.
Ingrown Toenail Removal
When indicated, removal of ingrown toenails may require an in-office procedure. Procedure typically lasts 30 minutes and can be performed the same day as your evaluation. No downtime is necessary. 1 follow-up appointments is included.
Custom Molded Orthotics
An orthotic device is an insert that is custom molded to your foot in order to support and return your foot to proper biomechanical alignment. Price Includes a digital scan of your foot, fabrication of the orthotics, 1 complimentary follow-up visit to ensure proper fit.
Laser Anti-fungal Nail Treatment
Call for pricing
Laser anti-fungal nail treatment package is for each foot. Package includes 3 treatments.
Shockwave Therapy
Call for pricing
Shockwave therapy includes 4 weekly sessions. Sessions may last 15-20 minutes. Price is for 1 site of pain.
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We Accept
Care Credit

Finding an affordable podiatrist can be difficult. Dallas Direct Podiatry not only provides access to a quality affordable podiatrist, we also partner with Care Credit to help patients find a payment plan that works for them. Financing available as low as 0% interest!

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